IFC AMAZÔNIA: Pará will host an international event of fisheries and aquaculture


The International Fish Congress & Fish Expo AMAZÔNIA will bring together the states and countries of the Amazon basin to address sustainability in December 2023.

The first edition in Pará of the International Fish Congress & Fish Expo AMAZÔNIA will be held on December 3rd , 4th and 5th, 2023, at Hangar - Centro de Convenções da Amazônia. The announcement was made by representatives of the State Secretariat for Agricultural and Fisheries Development (Sedap) and the IFC Brasil organization, during the celebration of the partnership to carry out the program that will involve an international congress and business fair. With the support of the government of the State of Pará and the main entities in the sector, the event will be attended by representatives of the fish chain and national and international experts. The organizing committee, made up of representatives from the Government of Pará, through Sedap, and IFC Brasil, predicts that IFC AMAZÔNIA will be the largest event in the sector on Amazonian fish and sustainability.

The meeting that marked the beginning of the project in Belém, was attended by the head of the Secretariat, Giovanni Queiroz, accompanied by representatives from the Fisheries Directorate and the Aquaculture Coordination. Also participating in the meeting were the president of IFC Brasil and Expomar, Altemir Gregolin, former Minister of Fisheries; the CEO of Fish Expo, Eliana Panty and Felipe Matias – FAO Consultant and Former Secretary of Aquaculture Planning and Organization of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture who works in the areas of Strategic Management, Sustainability and Technological Innovations focused on aquaculture.

The CEO of Fish Expo Amazônia – Eliana Panty, highlighted: “The key protein to feed the world is sustainable and will come from water. The United Nations (UN) prediction that the world population will reach 10 billion people by 2050, with 70% of them living in cities, appears on the horizon of Brazilian aquaculture as a responsibility and also a great opportunity”. This, according to Panty, imposes the need to increase the food supply while preserving natural resources, including water, for future generations. “That’s why we will hold the first IFC Amazônia to discuss how Brazil and the Amazon Region can contribute to this scenario of sustainable protein production.”

Pará, highlighted the head of Sedap Giovanni Queiroz, is one of the great exponents of the fishing and aquaculture sector, and has everything to attract exhibitors from Latin America and multinationals to the event, as is already the case in programs held in the South of Brazil. “Former minister Gregolin has extraordinary experience in international events and has been promoting similar events in Paraná and Santa Catarina for some time. He proposed a meeting for the Amazon to discuss and bring guests to talk and learn more about the extraordinary potential we have in Pará”, said Giovanni Queiroz.

Queiroz also highlighted that the territory of Pará has the largest volume of fresh water in the world, in addition to an important maritime coastline. An event of the magnitude of the IFC, stated Giovanni Queiroz, will bring companies, scientists and researchers from all over the world to discuss with the local segment issues of interest to Pará. “Even to attract entrepreneurs who can come and help us produce fish in the fish farming system. aquaculture”, emphasized the secretary.

According to Altemir Gregolin, the proposed three-day event will encompass an international congress involving all countries in the Amazon region, and a business technology fair. “We want to think big and in the long term, effectively developing this alternative food production, raw material for a healthy protein, preserving the forest and providing sustainability for this region”, he said.

Gregolin highlighted that IFC Brasil will be a major international event in the fish sector, which will have the development of the fishing and aquaculture production chain in the Amazon as its central point. “The idea is to develop this activity in the Amazon, which has the largest freshwater reserve in the world”, reiterated Altemir Gregolin.

Also present for Sedap were the Director of Fisheries, Orlando Lobato; the Fisheries coordinator, Salomão Guimarães, and the Aquaculture coordinator, Alan Pragana.

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